I always look for motivation. I look for little things to enliven routines to make them more exciting! With some adorable stationery and eye-catching desk decor, I feel like, going to office just got a tad bit better for me. Trust me, It can be really calming and satisfying to work on a desk that’s exclusively designed and put in place by you! It’s fun, k?

I thought I’d share a bit of what I did, in today’s post.

I was a lil’ lucky for being allowed to be REALLY creative about my desk as I work for a young startup-like firm. I had the liberty to do what I like and the space to do it. So, this is the reveal! Here’s my desk. xD


I’m quite happy with how it has turned out! The table has the following as decor

  • Wooden blocks calendar – S$3
  • “Wifi +Pizza” block – S$3
  • A non-living plant – S$3
  • Notebook with geometric shapes and marble-pink-rosegold colours. – S$5
  • Trinket plate – S$5
  • Pen stand – S$5
  • Marquee Light in Alphabet “J” (my most favourite of the lot) S$10
  • A jar of fireflies – basically jar and fairy lights (Don’t remember the price) (S$4 (jar) + S$5 (1metre lights)
  • A notepad that says, ‘I’m very busy.’ (S$7)

That’s SGD50. XD

Other stuff :

  • Water bottle, Coffee Mug, Pens

Most of the items above were bought from Typo‘s sale. Typo, during their sale period is an amazing place to buy quirky stationery, gizmos as well as homeware. Their outlet store at Anchorpoint is one of the best places to get good products with a huge (and I mean, really huge) discount margin. They always have something for everyone!

While somehow a theme always makes life more flavourful, I think it is okay to be random and pick up a bunch of contrasting items. I wanted pastel colours splattered across, because personally I feel swatches of pastels just feel very soothing. I really like my notebook the cover of which has geometric prints (I have been loving everything marble.) The notepad underneath, says “I’m very busy” at the top. Making lists, and jotting down little things is in my genes. (By that I mean, my mom loves making lists of EVERYTHING under the sun, and I turned out be exactly like her!) Making handwritten plans and lists are so much fun and makes one feel really organised. I mean, not sure if I am a very organised person, atleast I can pretend to be organised. “Fake it, till you make it,” logic! 😛 I love rose-gold coppery things, and I also feel like they compliment marble prints, really, really well. (Here’s my Pinterest board dedicated to copper and marble. )

No matter the theme, you could always add a plant to make the space more comfy. Since I can’t seem to keep plants alive, or stay away from killing them, I chose to keep a fake one. This also means they need no maintenance. That cactus is what one would classify as a non-living thing but it has the cutest pot ever. I really like the colours and the pattern on it.

The most favourite part of my desk is my marquee which is my metaphorical motivator, to shine bright like a .. light (lel!) The jar of fireflies, (firstly sounds so cool, and) looks magical on the desk. I just really love fairy lights in warm tones. If it didn’t consume so much battery and electricity, I’d keep it lit 24/7. So LIT! (Ahh, the pun!)

TIP : You could be more creative and make the space more personal by adding a collage of photos or that of favourite quotes.

Some of you might not know, but I joined work just a couple of months ago. Oh boy! Corporate life felt like it was hardly for me. While I was really excited to be embarking a new phase in life, I had heavy University-life withdrawal symptoms. But, I’ve always dreamt as a little girl to have my own exciting office cabin space/ house done and decorated by me. And I decided to fulfil one of those wishes I had as a little girl! 🙂

So, time has flown by and quite a few months have passed since I joined work! It is quite natural to take a while to adjust to changes and move away from what seems like a comfort zone. And it is never too wrong, to make the whole process a smidgen more enjoyable. I felt like transforming my desk space really helped me. How do you plan to transform your workplace to make it like you work for the fairies? *balloons and confetti* xD

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