Long haul flight. Those 23 hours in a place that drains all the moisture that’s ever left, tires you endlessly, and limits all possible body flexing. Yes, I am talking about that long journey to the other side of a globe on a man-made bird. A long haul flight. Woooo!

It is a journey that’s going to drain some energy off and one HAS to remember to drink a lot of water during the flight journey to keep the hydration intact. Now, what about the part where you want to look like a glowing goddess descending from the heavens when you get out of this magic bird you ask? I’ve got you covered.

Carry this list of items with you on this journey. Here’s what I’ve curated for my journey next week to the UK and a mini review about each of them.

    1.  Moisturiser –  I’m carrying the ESPA travel size moisturiser. Smells refreshing. Absorbs quickly. Leaves behind a fresh glow. HYDRATES.
    2. Beauty oil or essential oil – Best to help the skin retain its moisture. Better than a mist; if you had to choose between the two. I had an insta review for the Herbivore Botanicals Phoenix one that I’ll be carrying with me.

Wanted to write a quick insta review for this cuz OMG I love this oil so so much. I believe my skin has majorly cleared out after the hard hormonal breakout phase I had recently. Thanks to this lil thing I know for sure that redness from blemishes, has gone down and my skin has become way, way softer. Though, gotta admit not personally a great fan of its smell. NEVERTHELESS, I urge you to check out @herbivorebotanicals Phoenix Facial Oil. ( Ps : My blog will be back in action next week! :D) #herbivorebotanicals #singaporebeautyblogger #natural #phoenixorchid #phoenixoil #facialoil #softskin #clearskin #facialspa #skincare #skincareroutine #moisture #skinmoisture #babyskin #skincareproducts #singaporeblogger #singaporeinsta

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  1. Hand cream – L’occitane has been a favourite of mine for a while now. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy and smells divine. What more do I need? I’ve got this nailed. My hands are like that of a princess. Ha.
  2. Moisture mist – Alpha-H beauty sleep power mist that smells like a lavender farm – mainly for the reason that a little spritz is going to be so calming yet refreshing and would let me sleep and rest.
  3. Eye mask patch – Elemis hydra-gel eye mask patches. Now, you don’t want to be looking like a panda at the end of the long long journey. This is one of the best eye patches I’ve owned.
  4. Face mask – Origins flower fusion – I’m gonna put it out there. This doesn’t have long lasting results. But if you want something quick – reach out for this one.
  5. Lip balm – Fresh’s Rose lip balm – my all time favourite. It just keeps me lips hydrated and leaves behind the necessity to reapply often. Stays put for long.
  6. Lip sleeping mask – Laniege Lip mask – if the lip balm isn’t enough – here there’s a super moisturising mask to keep them from drying.
  7. Eye serum – Ren instant eye lift – ahhh. Saviour. Instant it says. Instant it is. The puffy designer bags are gone in a poof! Probably gotto apply these towards the end of the journey before your feet touch the soil.
  8. Tissues – always a necessity!
  9. Hand sanitiser – Dettol. Yeah these don’t smell as nice as the Bath and Body Works one. But, I can’t seem to find mine. Dettol does the job. Keep those germs at bay. Airline environment is filthy. This is a must.
  10. A comb – I love the tangle teezer because it’s a painless way to get rid of the knots without having to pluck any hair. Compact and convenient. Always, always good to have a mini comb in your bag.

And, remember to reach your hotel and have a shower to wash all those filthy germs off.

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