Scents are a very important part of my life, and will continue to be. I think everyone, from when they are a baby, associate so many emotions and memories with scents. A baby knows and understands its mother through her smell. When I get back to Bangalore, I feel so nostalgic entering the room I call my own, mainly because it smells like something my brain recognises and loves which I can’t exactly describe in words.

Here’s something I do. I make sure I carry a different scent to every location I travel to. For example, for my grad trip with friends, I took along Moringa from Body Shop, which now to my mind means Hong Kong Disneyland memories. 🙂

To Bali, earlier this year, I took a bath shower gel called Rose Jam from Lush and the perfume I carried along was Chanel’s Eau Tendre (the review of which you can read here) which smells like Bali beaches now hahaha. And, to my most recent Bangkok trip, I carried along my Miu Miu, which now reminds of Chatuchak! 😀

Through this post I wanted to review what is avowedly Chanel’s most sold scent. Like I always say, scents are a very individual thing. It’s ABSOLUTELY possible that you’re going to love and obsess over a scent, that I’m possibly going to hate and vice versa.

Mademoiselle was first introduced in 2001 for “younger consumers”. If I were to be honest, this wouldn’t be my most favourite scent. It wasn’t as magical as I had imagined it to be as the first impression wasn’t too appealing to me. And as do most, I judge a perfume by its top notes. At the first whiff, it has a crisp bug spray musk with some citrus. The top notes weren’t to my liking, honestly.

But but but… wait for it. The best part to this scent is the drydown. I love how it smells at the heart. It is so fresh. There’s a calmer musk and jasmine scent coupled with, what I’d imagine, slight woody scents. Perhaps, this was the sillage of choice for mademoiselle Coco Chanel, in her late 20s, early 30s. 🙂

I’d like to make a point here – I find this scent fitting for slightly more mature, older women than for a girl in her early 20s like myself. (But I mean, now that I own it, I might as well use it hahaha!)

However, to each her own. I believe this would be more appropriate as a night scent, though most people think this qualifies as a day scent too. I’d like to give this a 3 star rating. Go get a whiff of it, and tell me what you think!



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