Favourite Apps this season from iTunes (there hopefully is one for the Google Play Store as well.)

1. A Color Story – I love love love this app. They have a great range of amazing filters for every kind of photo you click. One place for all the tools you need to adjust your shots, and finally the options to come up with the best instaworthy photo. If you like your instagram wall to have bright colours splattered across yet having an aesthetic appeal, this app might be for you. I’ve attached a screenshot of my instagram wall for you below. Please follow? Okay? Be naaaiceeee.

2. VSCO Cam – This app is more suitable for those who like to have an instagram colour theme throughout. For all the makers of cute videos and really themed photos.

3. Font Candy – I love typography pieces. There’s nothing that creates beautiful typography pieces like this app. A great deal of fonts, editing tools to make that piece of motivation scream in all dimensions (on an xy plane.)

4. Canva – More of a webapp. For amateur digital artists who want to look like they are professional designers. I used this app to win a poster designing competition in University!

4. Calm and/or Sattva – Zen. 5 min everyday of either of these two apps, would keep you beautifully happy and calm through the entire day. Meditation is the new black.

5. Google Keep – Love making lists? This one’s for you. I just like that it’s connected to my gmail and the lists and notes are accessible from everywhere. It’s the place where I quickly make a list whenever I want to or jot down some blog ideas if I get them. I just find it more convenient than iPhone’s inbuilt notes app. Perhaps because, I like the UI better.

6. Flo – Ahh, I know it’s that time of the month.Craving chocolate? Yes, I feel you sis. This one is for all my beloved ladies out there! This app firstly syncs with my fitbit and helps me track my periods and activity patterns. Just a perfect calendar to tell you the number of days left to when you need to be ready again to get those core muscles going or to be ready to curl up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate.

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