Hi! I’m Janani/Jan.

Current obsession : blogging, singing and photography*. I am a (self-proclaimed) beauty addict, chocoholic and a dunderbee (I wanna cover atleast 5% of the world before I turn 30!).

Apart from that –

Not the best at writing. I attempt to write nevertheless. Love Singing. Have a fetish for chocolates. Have a Youtube Channel. Like reading about Ancient Indian History. Always up for trying new cuisines, for as long as the dish is vegetarian. Connoisseur of Pani Puri aka Golgappas. Love for : Cheesy quotes. Sometimes, un-cheesy quotes. Headphones on, world off mode. Blues and its hues. Polka dots. Denim. Chocolates. Chill wind of Bangalore’s mornings. Rose Gold things. Corals and Teal. Striped t-shirts. Soft (non-animal) fur. Good hair days. Sanscapes in beaches. Sunrises. Sunsets. (Duh.) The cry-laugh emoticon. Ripe salem mangoes. Being fed by the grandmother. Sunglasses and sorbet. Love. Love overdose. Pizzas. Staring out of the framed window seeing the world still or in motion. WiFi, Laptop & headphones is life. Bath Bombs. Music. More music. The smell of Vanilla. The smell of Rain actually. Lace Dresses. Vintage and chic things.

Rest, you’ll just know when you read my blog.

Hope you enjoy your stay here. Please visit again!

*All the photos in this website are my own.