There’s something about a bouquet that just is so exciting! I came across this store called “A Better Florist” on Instagram and was really impressed by their aesthetically pleasing bouquets. It was like Instagram in real life. Oh how I love a good bouquet!

I recently made my bed using new Saffron Barker bed covers and fairy lights from Edinburgh Primark and was looking for ways to cosy up my bedroom furthermore and have a good netflix and hot chocolate kinda day. And, is there a better way to do this other than filling up the vases with some fresh-smelling flowers? I reckon not. Every bouquet bunch from this store I came across had it’s own unique vibe and I was rather impressed by the laaaarge number of options they had. I went for pastel roses in the end.

For those interested, they actually also sell a lot of other things (for other events) apart from bouquets which can be customised, (I especially loved their rose scented candle) :
Fruit Baskets
Flower stands
Funeral Flowers
Baby Shower Gift (This one was so tempting, is anyone getting a baby soon? Please invite me.) and moree.. (just visit their website, pretty please?)

The most amazing florist I have ever come across. Two reasons to attribute to that, one of which is the fact that the gifts have already been perfectly curated and put together, so you needn’t think twice about having to go elsewhere to buy something additional. And, secondly, because they offer flower delivery services. They offer same-day delivery (even on holidays,) within 90 minutes (which is what I opted for.) You see, convenience always is a great way to win a customer’s heart. I was extremely impressed. Also, the flowers were so fresh and smelled AMAZING! BEST FLOWER DELIVERY IN SINGAPORE HANDS DOWN.

When I approached them to ask them details for my blogpost, I got a chance to chat with one of their employees, Raven, at their work-space (which by the way was a relaxed startup-like environment and I could sense the bubbling entrepreneurial spirit.) She told me that their testimonials online paved a path for word to quickly spread and help them expand into Hong Kong and Dubai markets. Let me hyperlink that for you – If you’re in those major cities, you can count on their Dubai flower delivery and their Hong Kong flower delivery. Several reputable sources have put them on their top ten florists lists, and regard them as the best Florist in Hong Kong and the best Florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

There’s something beautiful about the flowers that immediately triggers a smile. You need no special reason to make someone smile. Check out their website, and grab a bunch for someone close to your heart today irrespective of whether you’re in Singapore or Hong Kong!

PS : The photos I took of their bouquets make my instagram look better. Follow me there!

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